"Although Evy Ortiz’s Maria may look tiny and fragile, she is never less than completely in command of those crystalline high notes, which makes her renditions of “I Have a Love” and “Tonight” both heart-meltingly pretty and passionate".
Lansing City Pulse

"A sprightly production that boasts a genuinely captivating Maria in Evy Ortiz, who glows in every scene she’s in...it is the radiant Ortiz whose all or nothing urgency carries this West Side Story to its highest points".
The Boston Globe

"Ortiz lights up the stage with her vocals, looks and charisma. The audience is helpless in getting wrapped up into her torn lifestyle and unallowable love."
– The Noblesville Daily Times, IN

"Of special note... as Odin's saucy raven Evy Ortiz."
– The New York Times

"The not too bright but beautiful virgin, Philia is wonderfully played by Evy Ortiz.  She gets to show off her soprano voice..."
– The Theatre Mirror

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Fifty Million Frenchmen at the York Theatre Company September 28-October 6, 2019

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