Evy Ortiz -- Actress, Singer, DancerEvy Ortiz -- Actress, Singer, Dancer
Evy Ortiz stars as Maria in West Side StoryWest Side Story, Broadway National Tour

"Evy Ortiz is a particularly radiant and engaging Maria with a strong coloratura soprano. Her singing thrillingly blends a youthful exuberant sound with smooth operatic notes.
Talkin’ Broadway NJ

“Ortiz’ Maria lives the seven ages of women in 2 1/2 hours, and the journey has spit out plenty of those who have tried. Not Ortiz, she just gets better and stronger as she goes.”

"Although Evy Ortiz’s Maria may look tiny and fragile, she is never less than completely in command of those crystalline high notes, which makes her renditions of “I Have a Love” and “Tonight” both heart-meltingly pretty and passionate".
Lansing City Pulse

"The show closes with an end to the pair’s battle and Tony’s life in a scene that was by far the most emotional and intense of the show — the best few minutes that showcased Ortiz’s talent".
The State News, E. Lansing

"Evy Ortiz as Maria, though, equally matches Lekites in talent, belting out her songs beautifully. Her love for Tony (or extreme infatuation, however you look at the story) is realistic".
Theater Jones, Dallas, TX

"Her singing was perfect for the role of Maria, having the controlled blend of high’s, low’s, loud’s, and soft’s. When she sang quietly and softly, it was “almost like praying.”
FocusDailyNews.com , Dallas, TX

"This show doesn't really begin until Anita and Maria enter. Once they do this show enthralls to the end. The chemistry between Ross Lekites as Tony and Evy Ortiz is amazing, The connection between these two onstage is so great that the first time they see each other, they dance and without a word, you can feel the connection, the emotion. By the time they make it to “Tonight” you will be rooting for their love".
This Week in Texas, Dallas, TX

"Ortiz never once got near those vocal pot holes. Instead they sang with such exquisite, pristine, crystal clear, gorgeous vocals. Each of their solos and duets were like priceless gems. Their vibratos were in total control and their crescendos glided into their upper registers with effortless ease and strength".
Pegasus News, TX

"You believe the spark between him (Ross Lekites) and Maria (Evy Ortiz, whose soprano is astonishing) as they Romeo-and-Juliet it on the balc… er, fire escape. Young love onstage usually seems hokey; here, it feels primal".
Dallas Voice

"As two of the top singers on stage, Lekites and Ortiz electrify the romance between Tony and Maria with their intermittent duets".
The Flashlist Entertainment Guide Dallas, TX

"Lekites and Evy Ortiz as Maria also are able to pull off the almost impossible in convincing the audience that their whirlwind, less-than-48-hour romance is real and worth rooting for".
Lakewood.advocatemag.com, Dallas, TX

"Ortiz lights up the stage with her vocals, looks and charisma. The audience is helpless in getting wrapped up into her torn lifestyle and unallowable love."
– The Noblesville Daily Times, IN

"Ortiz is another cast member new to B&B, and what a find she is. Operatically trained, her soprano voice is glorious, and her onstage presence is difficult to ignore."
– The Times, Frankfort, IN

"Evy Ortiz stars as Maria and Loren Christopher plays, Tony. They are both talented actors. Ortiz's voice is beautiful and it brings a richness to each number she's in."
– The Boone Sun, IN

"Evy Ortiz’s Maria is sweet and restless, with an obviously classically trained soprano voice."
– Nuvo Newspaper, IN

"Of special note... as Odin's saucy raven Evy Ortiz."
– The New York Times

"The not too bright but beautiful virgin, Philia is wonderfully played by Evy Ortiz.  She gets to show off her soprano voice..."
– The Theatre Mirror

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